Revenue Management

We improve the integration of group and transient sales while allowing for easier visibility and control over revenue, yield and earning opportunities. Our revenue management team conducts a full market analysis, finding comparable competitors to benchmark our hotels against. This “apples to apples” comparison helps us improve and tweak our hotel product for deeper market penetration. To optimize all channels of distribution and revenue, we employ key revenue management metrics, including:

  • Booking window and lead-time patterns
  • Length-of-stay patterns
  • Room-type inventories and rate plans sold
  • Average daily rate vs. room revenue produced

Additionally, we’re constantly working to optimize revenue by:

  • Reviewing year-over-year, seasonal and special event data
  • Conducting SWOT and competitive rate analysis
  • Reviewing over-the-airs and ensuring rate parity
  • Managing social media and reviewing guest comments
  • Making weekly/monthly revenue calls with GMs
  • Reviewing all existing/future contracted business
  • Forecasting and mapping

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